Ange Perdu is a professional freelance writer and author. Writing has been a life-long passion for her. As an entrepreneur and business enthusiast Perdu is also a copywriter with several online advertising campaigns published.

She’s written persuasive product descriptions for catalogs and ghost written over 4,000 articles for a variety of successful websites. Dabbing in the field of SEO Article Marketing she takes personal pride in the assistance she can provide for her clients to achieve their desired level of website traffic.

Ange Perdu uses her creativity and down-to-earth writing style to connect with her readers. Sharing her life wisdom, learning experiences, knowledge, advice, and tips with others. She's written high quality content for sites such as Associated Content, Triond, Bright Hub, Helium, EzineArticles, and MMOHut. As a tech junkie, gamer, entrepreneur, and alternative health enthusiast she is dedicated in sharing her knowledge with others.

Her articles have been published online and in print. She’s a contributing blogger and business economy editor for OM Live. Perdu also writes poetry which has been published in an assortment of recognized anthologies. She currently resides in the Midwest.

“Bright Hub’s goal is simple: share knowledge about how the simplest scientific idea evolves into tomorrow’s technology. From advances in medicine to the construction of hybrid vehicles to the freedom of mobile computing — science and technology impacts our work, our play, our lives. With an expert writer network and an active community of life-long enthusiasts Bright Hub provides a level of technology transparency rarely seen in high tech. The team of writers and managing editors utilize deep domain expertise to focus on creating valuable information for both novice and advanced consumers. With a content inventory of thousands of science and technology articles, software and hardware reviews, buyer’s guides, blog entries and forum discussions, Bright Hub is able to provide readers with a dependable resource to make informative technology decisions.” - Bright Hub's Website

In a recent interview with Bret Callow a Bright Hub ME and expert in their Small Business Security Channel he states: "In addition to providing consumers with expert insight, Bright Hub also assists vendors by providing them with feedback through our reviews. For example, a well-know security company recently added some additional functionality to one of their beta products as a result of comments made by a Bright Hub Reviewer."

As a Bright Hub contributing writer & reviewer I produce engaging PC, Video Gaming, and Home Office Technology related articles. My latest contributions to this incredible website can be viewed to the right at my Ange P. RSS feed.

-Ange Perdu- News & Announcements:

9/10/08: Joined the driven and very talented organization. Contributing technology, home-based business, and video game reviews for the masses.

12/18/08: Creation of EVD website started. Still in construction phase will be up by Spring of '09.

1/4/09: Twitter page in works. The tweet addiction begins...

2/23/09: Interview in-works with MRH recipient of Co-op America's Green Business of the Year Award for OM Live Blog. Also several other green business and money saving articles for next month!

4/15/09: Entered the phenomenal world of MMO Gaming. Be sure to check out my reviews on Bright Hub.

6/05/09: I'm on Facebook now :) Feel free to add me and connect.

10/08/09: Perduange.blogspot is now
Ange Perdu

-Professional Freelance Writer, Editor, & Blogger-

Writing and Editing Experience:

Writing: Professional freelance writer for 6+ years, with experience in marketing, online publishing, and copywriting. Author of over 1,500 articles in numerous online publications.

Editing: Editor of two successful websites and an upcoming newsletter. Experienced in content editing, web design, and proofreading materials.

Internet, HTML, and Desktop Publishing: Familiar with HTML, SEO, Web 2.0 platforms and desktop publishing programs. Wordpress savvy with several years experience.

Summary of Skills:

· Ability to write engaging content on a wide range of topics.
· Highly self-motivated, organized, able to meet project deadlines in timely manner.
· Knowledgeable in various blogging platforms and techniques.
· Exceptional mastery of MS Word, and MS Office.
· Compelling editorial writing skills.
· Team player with positive upbeat outlook on completing tasks.
· Skilled in conducting extensive research and interviewing.
· Talent for writing worthy content to improve overall readership.

(Additional writing samples and references can be provided at request.)
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